Joy to the world! With Dubsado, you now have the ability to share public proposals!!

If you’ve been with Dubsado for a while, you know that potential clients used to have to go through a lead capture form in order to book you/your services. The lead capture form served as a way to not only retrieve your client’s ever important contact info, but also as the first step to get the ball rolling in order for them to select their packages, receive a contract, and/or invoice. While it was fine for what it needed to do, folks like me wondered if there would come a time where this initial step could be removed and clients could be immediately directed to selecting their packages simultaneously while entering in their contact info instead of going through several steps.

In short, I wanted my client’s experience to feel more like a checkout window on Amazon versus a tedious, multi-step obstacle course to get what they wanted.

Flash forward to today and oh- how things have changed! Dubsado has listened!

Public proposals now allow you to share proposal publically…once you change a few settings.

How to make a public proposal:

  1. With your Dubsado account open, select or create a new proposal.
  2. Be sure to include the following fields somewhere in the proposal (if not the public proposal settings will not work): first name, last name, email. Make sure they remap to the correct fields. While you’re at it, make these fields required. For now, they each also have to be on their own line. They can’t be formatted into columns. Keep it simple, Shirley.
  3. When your form makes you happy, click the Settings tab at the top.
  4. Change your Privacy Settings from Private to Public.
  5. Select “Yes” for “Create a new project when this proposal is completed?”
  6. A new menu will appear. You can opt to have a workflow start once the proposal is submitted. You can also determine a default project status and/or project title to help you keep things organized. I usually put something generic like [Client Full Name] – Service Requested. The Service Requested field would change in each public proposal I have.
  7. Hit save! The Share button next to Save will be where you grab the embed link or URL. If you have to make changes to this form in the future, you don’t have to grab the embed link or URL again. The changes will automatically update for you.

When to use a public proposal:

  1. If you have multiple services you’d like to feature on your website and would like for folks to be able to click on a service button and be directed to purchasing it immediately.
  2. When you feel like being a boss.


Adding a new user is as easy as sending someone an email so let’s get started!

  1. Logged into your Dubsado Account, click the gear icon (Settings).
  2. Hit Multi-Users
  3. Click Invite Team Member and select the type of team you need to add. Be sure to hover over each option to learn about what type of access the user will have. If you want someone to have complete access over everything, Admin would be your pick.
  4. Type in/paste in the new user’s email address and hit save!
  5. The new user will receive an email to notify them that they now have access to your account.

We all have a mix of tools in our tool bag in order to run our small businesses. I wanted to share my top 3 tools that I use daily in order to run The Vary Creatives.

  • This is the first CRM I’ve ever used and it will probably be my last. I’ve seen Honeybook, Salesforce, and others in action but none seem to match the customer service, functionality, and tutorials that Dubsado offers. I’ve talked a lot about Dubsado throughout my blog, often going in depth for each feature offered. For those I have written about already, I’ve linked them below.

If you need help setting up your Dubsado account, transitioning to Dubsado from another CRM, or Dubsado Branding Graphics to better showcase your services and products, you can read more about my services here or get in touch with me today.

  • After using Wix for over 7 years, Squarespace for less than 1 and Adobe Creative Suite for 8, I’ve found that using Showit was one of the best website platforms I could have used.
    • Wix was a great starting website when I needed a website to start showing my portfolio of work. It was very straightforward as I didn’t need to know how to code in order to use it. I did notice that load times were slow and as much as it pained me to move on from such an easy drag and drop website, I wanted to make sure that the people who were viewing my website had the best experience possible. For this reason, I tried Squarespace.
    • I was initially attracted to Squarespace because of how simple it seemed to use. While I was upset that there were no drag and drop features, the site promised to present my content in a sleek, professional way. I gave it a shot. I found that the menus that required navigation know-how in order to manipulate aspects and features were not very functional for me. It was actually less intuitive than Wix in that I really had to remember how to access settings in order to change things. This quickly became frustrating so I started to miss Wix and even considered going back to Wix as a result. Literally around the same time, I heard of Showit.
    • Showit was similar to Wix in its drag and drop and easily editable features, offered great load time, and even resembled characteristics of Photoshop or Illustrator with its layers layout and color scheme. After using Adobe Creative Suite for 8 years, the functionality made sense to me though I could understand how it may be intimidating for others who are trying to build their website for the first time. All in all, Showit has allowed me to design a template that works best for me and offers a great user experience. Their partnership with WordPress allows me to easily write blog content and connect it to my website seamlessly.

If you need website design services using Wix, Squarespace or Showit, I’ve got you! Get in touch today.


  • After trying Buffer, Plan, Planoly, and others, I’ve determined that Later is one of the best social media scheduling applications available because of its low cost, simplicity, and multi-account access.
    • I’ve been using Later’s free account plan since the beginning. I haven’t had the need to upgrade because I am currently able to post content to my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest account at least once per day and I haven’t had the need to post more than that. If you are really needing to post more frequently than once a day (which happens), you can always upgrade.
    • I seem to be a die-hard fan of drag and drop functionality. You can drag and drop content to upload it to Later and you can also drag and drop content you’ve uploaded to Later to their calendar in order to schedule it right then and there.
    • When I create posts using Later, I’m able to share it simultaneously with my Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts, tailoring the caption for each social media account if necessary. If that’s not as easy as it gets, I’m not sure what is.

A social media account is only as good as the content it shares! If you need content for your social media accounts to advertise your services or products, get in touch today!

I’m so glad to be able to share just some of the tools I use in order to offer the services I do! I receive no royalties for writing about these tools in this blog.

Wondering why a music opinion piece is on The Vary Creatives Blog?

We love music!

Every month, we’re sharing our top 3 picks for songs we’ve been listening to as we work.  A lot of our music picks heavily influence the album design covers we release as well.

Read about this month’s picks below and listen on our YouTube playlist.


In looking back at 2018, I have much to be grateful for.

I have been able to share my work with the world and I’ve enjoyed working with folks from across the country.

There is a website you can use to access which of your shared Instagram images received the most likes. After you enter your Instagram username and an email address, you can view your results. Here is mine!


While all of the pictures I used in my designs were either my own or legally downloaded from the internet, I usually challenged myself to follow a limited brief: obscure the face without making it completely unrecognizable. In following this limitation, I usually ended up covering up the eyes or other features. After reviewing the top nine liked images on my Instagram account, I was intrigued to find that 3 of the 9 consisted of these types of images.

I was also pleasantly surprised to see that 3 spec logos made the top 9 as well. I’m very inspired to continue making these types of spec logos for clients who have already established their brand board but don’t necessarily have a ton of time to go through extensive logo creation processes.

All of my spec logos are for sale. Once they are purchased, I take them down from my site to protect individuality.

Album covers also made the top 9. “What Was” consists of a picture I took while walking at a park in Duluth, GA. The trees were barren and bleak so when I designed the album cover, I wanted to put back what was missing; the color green. The shifted frame shows an altered perspective. “Moon Landing” is an abstract depiction of a spacecraft landing on the moon with stark teal stripes as the sunset or sunrise, however you choose to view it.

Lastly, in reviewing the top 9, I realized that a headshot I took of myself was one of the few I shared of myself this year. In 2019, I hope to share more of me and the person behind the account, the designs, and the services.

Thank you for a great 2018 and I’m looking forward to serving you and sharing my work in 2019!


I’ve been busy writing since launching the blog so I wanted to put all of the blog posts in one single blog post for easy access! If you check out any of these posts, leave a comment! I’d love to hear from you.

2018 has treated The Vary Creatives well. I look forward to expanding and continuing to provide great services in 2019! Have a Happy New Year!


Wondering why a music opinion piece is on The Vary Creatives Blog?

We love music!

Every month, we’re sharing our top 3 picks for songs we’ve been listening to as we work.  A lot of our music picks heavily influence the album design covers we release as well.

Read about this month’s picks below and listen on our YouTube playlist.


When I was introduced in Dubsado in the fall of 2017, I was blown away. By golly, every feature, connection, the layout, the practically aerodynamic flow of the entire system, made serene sense to me.

It was what I needed before I knew I needed it. It was what my business needed before I knew what my business needed. And most importantly, it was what my customers deserved from me before I knew what I could offer them.

Andrea Young

In my blog and social media, I talk a lot about Dubsado. I have a page on my website where I explain my services in how I setup Dubsado for others. I don’t get endorsements. I don’t get paid to write these posts or talk about it to others or offer these services…but I find myself doing it anyway.

And do you know how busy I am? I mean, seriously, I barely get my laundry done and I still find time to talk about Dubsado to someone I think it could benefit because of how strongly I believe in the power of this system to change the way independent people do and run their small businesses.

Maybe you’re reading this thinking, “ok, great, glad she has an opinion.” Here’s the thing though: I’m not the only one with this opinion! I’m one of MANY who loves Dubsado.

Alright. Enough of me sharing my love for Dubsado. If you resonate with any of the following, you need to check Dubsado out:

  • struggling to organize your clients, inquires, and contacts
  • juggling multiple calendars
  • rewriting, saving, endlessly searching for email or email drafts
  • accidentally double booking
  • have no clear workflow as far as what exactly happens from point a-z when you do business with a client
  • drowning under mountains of invoices, contracts, manila folders, sticky notes, and more
  • feel like your dream of having your own small business is unachievable or an actual nightmare
  • can’t track the amount of time you spend on a job to know whether you’re charging enough
  • feel very intimidated come tax time and you have no organized record of your monthly/yearly business transactions
  • unsure of how to provide your clients with a modern, professional experience
  • confused about jumping into a CRM because you think there is a huge learning curve
  • feel like throwing in the towel on your business because it’s exhausting and you’ve had enough…

Once you check Dubsado out and if you need help in setting it up, I’ve got you.


What are workflows?

Workflows in Dubsado are magical elves who automate the seemingly repetitive actions you need to take when operating your business. In all seriousness, workflows are a customizable list of actions you can use to automate the tasks of your business.

Have you ever…

  • saved emails for future use in your draft folder of your inbox or on a massive list of Word Docs or Pages?
  • found yourself writing a similar to-do list for each client?
  • forgotten which steps to take for a client because you have 1,276 things on your mind or things to do?

If you answered yes to any of the questions listed, workflows are perfect for you! While workflows can’t replace everything you do in your business, they can help. A lot.

Set up your elves for success so you can be a better Santa.


  1. Think about your process. Do you have one? How have you served your clients in the past? Don’t necessarily be thinking about how you can translate this process into Dubsado quite yet.
  2. Write out your process. Many find that sticky notes are the way to go. I’ve found that just typing out a list works well for me.
  3. Move things around. Does one action really go after another should it be moved? Work your process until you’re confident that it’s in the right order. If you aren’t sure, you may need
    to refer to the past. What has worked well and what hasn’t? Think of ways to improve the client experience.
  4. Translate it to Dubsado’s Workflow actions. Now’s the time to think about how you can take advantage of Dubsado’s automated features. Again, there may not be a direct translation for everything.
    • For example: As a graphic designer, Dubsado will not be able to create graphic designs for my clients. In my workflow, particularly for a task that Dubsado can 100% never be able to do, I will make a “create todo” task to remind me of an action that I need to take.
  5. Be open to edits. You may not get a perfect workflow on the first go and that’s alright! You may realize that there are some other tasks that you want to add at a later time. You can either edit existing workflows and reapply them to existing jobs or create a new workflow and use that one instead.


Dubsado is an amazing program that will definitely help you create a wonderful experience for your clients, no matter what industry you’re in. If you haven’t signed up yet for their paid plan, be sure to use thevarycreatives for 20% off your first month.

Wondering why a music opinion piece is on The Vary Creatives Blog?

We love music!

Every month, we’re sharing our top 3 picks for songs we’ve been listening to as we work.  A lot of our music picks heavily influence the album design covers we release as well.

Read about this month’s picks below and listen on our YouTube playlist.